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May 08

Xero Training Guides Make Streamlining Cloud Accounting Simple for Your Business

Posted by Carol-Ann Brouwer at Friday, May 08, 2015

Ready to make the switch to Xero - the beautiful accounting software - but worried you won’t have enough time to learn how to use it (and all its many features) successfully with so many other demands as you run your business?

Accounting Anywhere’s practical and comprehensive XERO training guides make understanding and using the world’s most popular cloud-based accounting software an achievable goal. Even the busiest small- and medium-sized business owners can take a do-it-yourself approach to mastering Xero with Accounting Anywhere’s Xero training, conversion, or set-up services.

Whether you’re starting a business or interested in converting from another accounting and payroll system (like Sage50 or QuickBooks), the benefits of Xero are well worth considering:

  • there is nothing to install

  • upgrades are free

  • Xero performs automatic backups

  • you can use Xero from any device

  • multiple users can access an account in real time

  • Xero connects to myriad popular business apps

Carol-Ann Brouwer, founder and CEO of Accounting Anywhere, has taken her expertise as a Global Trainer for Xero, experience as a XU (Xero User) Magazine Ambassador for Canada, and years training and consulting on desktop software and created excellent Xero training manuals for small and medium businesses. (She's also a sought-after Speaker and Lecturer on all things Cloud Accounting and Xero.)

She understands that while Xero is celebrated for setting a new standard for ease of use and functionality it is daunting for business owners to switch to accounting in the cloud or learn a new accounting software on their own. Carol-Ann’s extensive background in banking, accounting and taxation make these manuals a wonderful resource.

Accounting Anywhere’s self-paced training manuals walk business owners through setup, configuration, and day-to-day activities. The training manuals are available to purchase by download so you can get started learning Xero for your business right away:

Welcome to Xero: Taking your First Steps - A 64-page introductory guide designed to help business owners with Taking their First Steps to using Xero with success. Topics covered include an overview of the software and the Xero Dashboard, organization settings, chart of accounts, invoice settings, bank accounts, bank reconciliation, invoices and bills, contacts and common reports. Upon completing your purchase of $49 (USD) online, a link to download will be sent to you by email and Accounting Anywhere recommends you print the manual in color. 

Walking with Xero: Your Complete Guide to Using Xero for Daily Transactions - Once you’ve mastered the basic steps of Xero it’s time to start Walking with Xero. This 82-page training manual explores daily business transactions with more depth, including managing users, tips for bank reconciliations, importing bank statements, bank rules, setting up payment service, inventory, Xero to Xero, Checks for US users, tips for contacts and both Year-end and month-end reporting. After you complete your purchase of $69 (USD) online, a link to download will be sent to you by email so you can print it for immediate use. Color printing is recommended.

Are you already using Xero in your business and ready to become an expert? Accounting Anywhere has just made available Running with Xero: An Advanced Approach to Running your Business. This guide includes "Test Your Knowledge" sections to fine-tune your skills. 72 pages of valuable information for just $79.00.

Business owners appreciate the carefully detailed information that allows for self-paced learning. You can read and complete the sections on the action items that matter most to you as you need them. Each tutorial includes a “Try it Yourself” exercise so that you may be certain you have understood the lesson.

You may purchase each manual separately or both. And good news! Accounting Anywhere will soon be releasing Running with Xero, the third training manual in the series.

Bring that spring cleaning mindset to the office: It’s time to simplify and streamline your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll systems with the support of the Accounting Anywhere team and their exceptional self-directed Xero training manuals for small and medium businesses.

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