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Apr 02

Rotessa for Canada's Small and Medium Business Owners

Posted by Carol-Ann Brouwer at Thursday, April 02, 2015

A big question for many business owners in Canada is how to collect receivables in the most efficient manner. This is especially true for those who have ongoing services that the customer pays for each month, or even annually.

When a business owner looks at options, two obvious issues to consider are cost and ease of use for the business owner using any service. Traditionally customers pay for goods or services using a credit card, which of course is costly to the small and medium sized business owner, in Canada. 

Or the least favourable way is having postdated cheques given from your client/customer for monthly services, or worse yet having to get a cheque from them, for the annual total. (Yikes! Far too much time spent.)

The small/medium business owners typically needs to stay on top of receivables for better cash flow. That said, a great alternative to the credit card option or cheque option, would be Canadian service Rotessa Electronic Funds Transfer option.  

Accounting Anywhere talks about Rotessa, Electronic Funds Transder

Rotessa provides the best way to collect recurring payments in Canada. 

Founded in 2003, Rotessa started working with Colleges and Universities to facilitate tuition payment plans. Through this experience they have developed an additional software service suited perfectly for small and medium sized businesses in Canada. They consistently bring out new and improved features, and are always looking for ways to make the collections process easier. No need to fear change here.

By using Rotessa, postdated cheques around the office are eliminated, due to the automatic Pre-Authorized Debit option. Indeed, there are other solutions from banks for example, but at a much greater cost.

Based on my own user experience, without question Rotessa is indeed an ideal easy to use solution. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using Rotessa Electronic Funds Transfer.

Let’s look first at pricing:

  1. No cost to sign up
  2. Never pay a percentage like you do with credit cards. 

And let’s look at the 0-50 transactions per month cost at $25.00: Compared to 2.9% for most credit card merchant fees this is indeed a bargain. Even at the higher end of 251-500 transactions per month at $85.00 per month. Real savings here. Let’s look at just one transaction for $2500.00 (Rotessa cost = $25.00) (Credit Card at 2.9% = $72.50) Difference on one transaction = $47.50

Let’s look at ease of use:

  1. Simple to sign up
  2. A great video to watch from the home page.
  3. Setup a one -time transaction or or schedule recurring debits.
  4. A customer can be setup in less than 1 minute!
  5. Rotessa will even assist you in setting up a Pre-Authorized Debit agreement. Instructions can be found directly on the website.

Check out the easy-to-use Dashboard.

Once setup in Rotessa, the Dashboard is very simple to use, consisting of Customers tab, Reports tab, and Admin tab keeping things simple to update, change or view Reports history and transactions. Simple to use and - oh did I mention - outstanding support? 

The team at Rotessa understand what small and medium business owners in Canada are looking for and have made a great product at a very affordable price. This is truly an outstanding billing option for Canadian small/medium business owners.

Carol-Ann Brouwer is the founder of Accounting Anywhere and moves small and medium businesses from desktop software to cloud accounting solution Xero. Accounting Anywhere further provides training guides for Xero and/or customer training.

Need help with cloud accounting, Xero conversion and set-up, or Xero training? Get in touch with the Accounting Anywhere team today. 

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